The Jetstream princible – explained in one minute

What does Wikipedia say about Jetstream: “Jetstream are called dynamically shifting high-speed winds […] They represent the strongest naturally occurring winds. […] Since it is a strong and quite reliable high-altitude wind, aircraft can use it to achieve a higher speed and also a lower fuel consumption. “Better you could not describe what we do in the marketing of companies. How this works, you can see here in 1 minute:

Rather the text? Here is the content: Marketing-opportunities have never been better than now in the world of digitalisation. However – results are often not better than in the past. Why? Corporates invest a lot in marketing but success lacks behind expectations! Exactly at this point the Jetstream Marketing principles kicks in: We enable intelligent access to existing global digital marketing-forces. Applying algorythmes developed by us we know which forces help at which level. On the basis of our method we design the ultimate marketing value chain for corporates. It creates a boost and takes you to a new level of efficiency. Our method mirrors the Jetstream in the nature. Jetstreams are used by airplanes to reach higher speed with less kerosin. We are especially precious for marketeers with high responsibility.